Ensemble Cavity EIT

We are creating a novel quantum light-matter interface based on ensemble atoms,  EIT and cavity QED.

In photonic quantum information the low interaction makes it ideal for communicating quantum information over large distances. However, this presents a problem for processing.  Quantum communication requires  processing like entanglement swapping, entanglement purification and other error correction algorithms. Our project explore new avenues towards deterministic, near-simultaneous, two-qubit gates for photonic quantum communication.

We explore the intersection of strong light-matter interaction, as provided by two optical cavities, with the Kerr enhancement effects provided by EIT. The ability to use collective excitations a Magneto-Optical trap (MOT) of atoms may provide a tractable way of overcoming the technical challenges of achieving higher nonlinearities. We are also examining how to increase the fidelity of maximum achievable phase shifts.

Another interesting application that utilizes the inherent quantized and flying qubit nature of photonic qubits is quantum simulation of quantum field theories of high energy particles.