We aim to develop and implement the first agnostic quantum repeater network of quantum light-matter interfaces, at Brookhaven National Lab (BNL) and Stony Brook University (SBU), interconnected using fiber quantum links; this will demonstrate the full potential of quantum repeaters for relaying continuous and discrete variables. This quantum repeater network will be based upon scalable room-temperature quantum memories, bridged to work with entangled photons at telecom wavelengths.

By using quantum memories to enhance the swapping of the polarization entanglement of pairs of flying photons, our implementation will take a significant leap in quantum communication by distributing entanglement over long distances without detrimental losses. The recent technological developments needed to achieve high-fidelity quantum operation at room temperature are a unique strength of our collaboration.

The test-bed of our ideas will be a grand quantum network connecting several locations in SBU and BNL. We are utilizing existing optical fiber infrastructure and have already deployed entanglement sources and quantum memories in several buildings in the BNL campus, with fibers used to quantum connect the Physics and Instrumentation buildings with the Scientific Data and Computation Center (SDCC). A similar local area quantum network has been developed in parallel in the SBU campus, including Physics, Communications Engineering (ECC), the Basic Science tower, and CEWIT. With the quantum communication channels in place, we will use the photonic entanglement sources to simultaneously store and retrieve quantum correlations in four quantum memories on both campuses.



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