Quantum Simulation

We are researching resource-moderate experimental realizations that will eventually generate new physical knowledge that is not available through current classical computer simulation.

Our technical approach is the implementation of quantum simulators based on a precise optical control of the interaction of atoms and many quantized light fields in engineer friendly conditions. This is a new and yet unexplored avenue that uses ideas from the quantum communication community and applies them to the simulation of complicated quantum Hamiltonians ubiquitous to areas of theoretical physics research such as the simulating particles that obey non-linear Dirac dynamics. These are unexplored physical regimes that are only addressable experimentally using high energy experiments and outside the standard approach using optically trapped ultra-cold atoms or ions.

Furthermore, the technological platforms of single photons in either room temperature atomic vapor or cold atomic ensembles in miniaturized cavity QED setups are compatible to be deployed in environments outside of the laboratory, with clear perspectives for further evolution into quantum enhanced sensing and metrology.