We are the Quantum Internet.

Memories for Long-Distance Quantum Networks

We have already successfully developed the world’s first room-temperature, all-environment-operational quantum memory device. We have designed and built three generations of these inexpensive and commercialization-friendly devices, having all capabilities necessary for quantum repeater operation.



The central building block of a communication quantum network is a light-matter interconnect in which quantum information can be mapped in and out with high-fidelity, in a deterministic manner. These facilitate the synchronization of the elements of the quantum communication line by storing photons and retrieving them on demand. These systems have been achieved in cumbersome cold atomic ensembles or doped crystals, albeit operating with low repetition rates. We overcame these problems by using warm atomic vapors, benefiting from their smooth operation without the need for cryogenics, and thus promoting their scalability. We now provide room-temperature portable quantum memories with all elements integrated into a coherent and fully-portable setup, specially equipped for deployment outside of the laboratory.


Pairs of single photons can be generated in highly correlated states from using a single a high energy photon to create two lower energy ones. One photon from the resulting pair may be detected to herald the other. As such, a particular area of interest for such pairs of photons is QKD. These heralded high-rate SPDC-based single photon sources, tuned to specific atomic transitions, can also be used to examine the fundamental physics.


Specialized quantum-measurement devices for use in sophisticated optics experiments and laboratory instrumentation. Mostly intended for use in the measurement of entangled photon sources, the implementation of quantum cryptography systems in both free-space and fiber-optics, and for photon correlation experiments.


Electronic instruments and equipment necessary for precise time correlation, polarization control, and counting in quantum optics research and QKD applications.