Quantum Information Technology Group

Quantum Memory I

We engineer novel quantum memories and processors that will enable future quantum information networks and computing.

We are aiming to develop scalable quantum memory technologies based upon the combination of solid state and atomic physics. We will also design and implement novel quantum transistors and gates using cavity electromagnetically induced transparency.


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In particular, we use photons to communicate quantum information and atoms as quantum nodes to store and process it.
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Using electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT), we create systems in which we can exchange quantum information between photons and atoms.


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We are developing ultra-low noise  quantum memories using room temperature atoms and scalable quantum network architectures using quantum hybrid systems.
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We implement single photon sources tuned to atomic transitions.
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We also engineer quantum logic gates using EIT and cold atoms inside optical cavities.


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If you are interested in participating in the next generation of quantum engineering experiments, please contact me.